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E-commerce website setup is not only a trend but also an indispensable component of the modern business world. Every day, hundreds of businesses globally are going beyond physical limitations and choosing to offer their products and services on online platforms. In this growing digital market, a professional online store setup is needed to gain a competitive advantage and reach the target audience effectively.

What Does E-Commerce Site Setup Cover?

With our professional e-commerce website setup solutions, we help your business take its rightful place in the digital world. With our experience and expertise, we aim to take your brand one step ahead of its competitors in the sector.

İdeasoft Kurulumu

In Ideasoft site setup; We provide services in every area you need, from package selection, theme arrangement, domain binding, integration of Google tools, banner and slider design.

Ikas Setup

During the Ikas site setup phase, we make your site ready for sale by carrying out e-commerce package selection, theme settings, integration with Google tools, banner and slider graphic design works in detail and meticulously.

Shopify Setup

During the Shopify site setup, as with other infrastructures, we follow all the necessary steps to make the site ready for sale and finally we integrate digital marketing channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

The budget you allocate for e-commerce setup may vary depending on the features you want and the platform you choose. While a smaller budget may be sufficient for a simple site, you may need a larger budget for a customized and comprehensive site.

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Which Steps Do We Follow in E-commerce Site Setup?

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Step 1: Package Selection and Domain Binding

The first step in e-commerce site setup is to choose a package suitable for your needs. When choosing a package, attention should be paid to the features offered, storage space, integration with digital channels, SEO and mobile compatibility criteria. In this process, we help you choose the package suitable for your business model and make the domain name connection with your e-commerce site. This step ensures that visitors are directed to the correct website when they type the name of the site in their web browser.

2. Adım: Tema Düzenlemesi ve Slider/Banner Tasarımları

After choosing the package, we make basic arrangements and settings on the theme. Then we design the slider and banner images required for the design aesthetics of pages such as home page and category in accordance with the brand identity. Thanks to our experience in e-commerce, we adopt a graphic design approach that will highlight your products and dress your site in a user-oriented way. 

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Step 3: Writing Product and Category Descriptions

The success of an e-commerce site does not only depend on a user-friendly design or a fast infrastructure. Product and category descriptions provide visitors with clear and effective information about the products offered. This improves their shopping experience and speeds up their purchase decision. With our professional e-commerce setup service, we prepare SEO-compatible unique descriptions for your products and categories. With SEO-compliant content, we both answer all the questions of your potential customers about your products and equip your site in the eyes of Google. Thus, we encourage them to make a purchase.


Step 4: Making Basic SEO Settings

E-commerce SEO is critical for your site to rank high in search engines and reach potential customers. We maximize the site's potential to increase organic traffic by optimizing key SEO elements such as title, meta descriptions and URL structure. In this way, we make your e-commerce site more prominent and accessible among your competitors.


Step 5: Google Tools & Meta Integration 

The tools offered by Google are indispensable for tracking and improving the performance of the e-commerce site. We integrate important tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console into the site. This integration allows us to deeply analyze the site's visitor statistics, search rankings and user behavior. In addition to the integration of Google tools, we also make connections such as Facebook (Meta) pixel and Facebook conversions Apis.