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We have a social media consultancy story that has different temperature values like the seasons but progresses as a whole! We determine the season to which the brand belongs, analyze which months it blooms and make social media management accordingly.

We also prepare a strategy plan for other seasons. We ensure that the brand is always up-to-date with content that will highlight its services.

We help the brand to take action quickly by being a close follower of the periods that will adapt to the fast-moving and ever-evolving structure of social media. By understanding the archetype of the digital identity of the business, we produce content suitable for social media platforms.

For example, if the brand has an archetype focused on corporate social media management, we prepare the types of content we will use on the platforms where you need to be active with a language and design suitable for the corporate. We are ready to be the digital ambassador of the brand. So, are you ready to showcase your brand in digital showcases in the most accurate way?

Professional Social Media Management

Social media is an indispensable platform for growing your brand and interacting with your target audience. With our professional social media management service, we effectively represent your brand and bring it together with your target audience.

As Retina Dijital, we have ideas about social media consultancy that will bring a new tradition to the old village. So what do we do in social media management in this process?

Brand Analysis

We analyze your brand thoroughly before we write your content. We analyze your competitors and potential competitors in the market. Then we create an accurate and effective identity management for your brand.

Result-Oriented Strategy Development

After conducting a detailed brand analysis, we prepare a strategy suitable for the archetype. However, we prepare this plan on a weekly and monthly basis.

Content Planning

After deciding on a result-oriented strategy, content is prepared by our copywriters. Creative and brand-oriented content is planned according to weekly and monthly timeframes according to the interaction status.


The prepared content plans are shared by our social media experts during the hours when the page will receive the most interaction.

Interaction Control

After the posts are made, they are tracked for monthly analysis according to the platform type (e.g. 24 hours for Instagram).


At the end of the month, we share the interaction reports of the accounts that are monitored daily with you. Then we strategize for the next period according to the results of the reports.

Antalya Social Media Agency 

As a social media agency, we are at your side to manage your brand's online reputation, increase interaction with your target audience and reach a wider audience through social media channels. We aim to help you make the most of the opportunities offered by social media and strengthen the online presence of your business.

Our services include social media strategy development, content creation, post design and management, social media advertising and analytics, community management and crisis management.

Our social media experts use customized strategies for the brand to achieve its goals. Don't forget to contact us for detailed information!

Frequently Asked Questions

A social media manager manages the brand's online reputation and maintains constant and effective communication with the target audience. They also provide expertise in creating social media strategies and tracking performance.

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