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For a brand, an idea or a product to shine like a star on the internet is not a random success but a strategic skill. One of the golden keys to this success is SEO, or search engine optimization. You can make a difference with SEO consultancy, which helps you reach your potential customers organically by making your website an authority figure in the eyes of search engines and increasing your traffic.

Together with our professional seo consultant teammates who specialize in search engine optimization, we improve the performance of your site, increase the organic traffic to your website and ensure that your site ranks high in the search engine.

With our professional SEO consultancy services, we aim to bring you potential customers and maximize your brand prestige.

What Do We Do Within the Scope of SEO Service?

Within the scope of SEO consultancy;

We analyze your brand and then conduct competitor analysis to learn how your competitors reach your target audience through which channels. We follow these steps in this process; 

  1. We analyze competitors' social media accounts.
  2. We analyze competitors' existing YouTube channels and come up with interesting content ideas.
  1. We analyze competitors' blogs on the website.
  2. We study rival websites.
  3. We identify the positive and negative aspects of competitors and use this data to structure our marketing strategy.
  4. We examine the way your competitors address their content and communicate with their target audience. 

Following the competitor analysis, we conduct a detailed target audience analysis to understand your target audience and communicate with them better.

On-Site SEO

It covers the optimization work done within the site to make the website better understood and ranked by search engines. This work aims to improve content quality, site speed and mobile compatibility.

Off-Site SEO

Off-site optimization to increase the authority and visibility of the site. This strategy focuses on obtaining quality backlinks. Social media activity and offline promotions that mention the brand are also components of off-site SEO.

Technical SEO

It is aimed at optimizing the effective crawling, indexing and ranking of the website by search engines. Technical SEO optimization focuses on technical factors such as improving site structure, speed and mobile compatibility.

E-Commerce SEO

Within the scope of e-commerce seo, customized optimization strategies are applied to improve the search engine rankings of online stores and increase their sales. The work covers elements such as optimizing product and category pages, organizing the site structure effectively for users and search engines.

Corporate SEO Consultancy

We provide the expertise and strategic guidance you need to improve the search engine rankings of websites of large-scale businesses or corporate companies and get more organic traffic. This service covers a wide range of technical SEO optimization, content strategies, on-site and off-site SEO applications.

Keyword Analysis

By analyzing in detail which words the target audience searches with, we organize the content in accordance with these selected keywords. We aim to move your site to the top of the search results by targeting long tail keywords known as "long tail keywords" by taking into account the user search intent.

SEO Agency 

If you want to compete in the digital world and take your brand beyond the ordinary, our professional SEO agency services are for you!

We offer strategic and effective SEO solutions to increase website ranking in search engines and reach a wider audience. Our services include keyword research, internal and external SEO optimization, backlink building, content strategy and website analysis.

Thanks to our experienced team, we develop personalized strategies to help you achieve high online visibility in the industry. We increase site visibility and the number of visitors by using infrastructure and industry-specific techniques such as E-commerce Seo and Worpress Seo.

We aim to increase website traffic and conversion rates, thus contributing to business growth. Contact us and let's build your digital success together!

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO ensures that a website ranks high in search engines and thus helps it get more organic traffic. 

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