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How to Manage an E-Commerce Site? 

There are many different components behind a successful e-commerce business, from product listings to payment systems, from customer service to site security. However, in order to keep up with this rapidly changing digital environment, online stores must always be dynamic and up-to-date. At this point, business owners may need e-commerce site management services. 

What Does E-Commerce Site Management Cover?

Thanks to our experienced team in the field of e-commerce, we keep your site active at all times with our professional e-commerce site management service. We promote current discounts and campaigns on the site, control visitor traffic and follow news and comments about your brand instantly.

E-commerce Site Content Management

No matter how eye-catching the product in your storefront is, its label must be equally effective and attractive. We take over the management of the e-commerce site and organize its content in the most appropriate way, taking into account the user's search intent and SEO requirements.

Slider/Banner Design

E-commerce site management is not limited to infrastructure and product management. In the digital world where first impressions are important, we attract the attention of visitors with impressive slider/banner designs and take the first step towards converting them into customers.

Discount & Campaign Visual Designs

We decorate your site with visually striking designs that accurately convey the brand's message and direct visitors to the relevant products/categories for discounts planned for special occasions or different campaigns you will make.

Monitoring Site Performance

We constantly monitor and analyze many factors, from site speed to user experience and visitor behavior. In this way, we detect potential problems early and make the necessary optimizations on time.

Campaign Management

We create effective campaign strategies for special occasions, seasons or periods you define, and we both satisfy your existing customers and help you gain new customers. The campaigns we prepare have a key role in increasing your conversion rates.

Competitor Analysis

Understanding what your competitors are doing allows you to shape your strategies in a more informed way. We analyze a wide range of competitors' pricing, marketing tactics and website performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

E-commerce site management is a process that covers all technical, visual and marketing activities of the online store. This service aims to keep the site running at optimum performance and to keep the customer experience at the highest level.

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