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How to do e-commerce? Where to Start?

For entrepreneurs or brands who decide to enter e-commerce, the process sounds a bit complicated, doesn't it? Many uncertainties, competitive environment, and cost should not confuse you at the beginning. You can make safe investments with an effective market research and the right infrastructure choice. However, we strongly recommend that you get support from an e-commerce consultant at the initial stage. "How to Do E-commerce?" Our article we have prepared for you will eliminate uncertainties. Continue reading.

  •   Identify an Effective Market
  •   Identify Your Suppliers 
  •   Use Successful Infrastructure 
  •   Fulfil Legal Obligations 
  •   Invest in Advertising.    

1. Identify an Effective Market

How to do e-commerce? The most effective answer to the question is "need". Catch the gaps that are needed in the e-commerce sector. If you do not want to take risks, if you say that my product and market are clear, work on preliminary sketches by researching your competitors well. Focus on asking the right questions and making the right determinations. However, if you say I want to enter e-commerce, I have a market search, here is a tip from us: the mother and baby sector is the sector that brings the most sales.

The sectors that follow it are sexual health products, pet equipment, clothing and footwear. When determining your market in e-commerce, be sure to re-evaluate your dominance of the product you want to sell and your expenses such as warehouse, cost, employee.

Nearly 60% of e-commerce sites opened in Turkey are closed because they cannot make sales in the first year. Entering the right market with the right infrastructure at the beginning ensures the longevity of your brand. Always interpret your ideas with an e-commerce consultant. Thus, you can make a healthy e-commerce initiative.

2. Identify Your Suppliers for E-Commerce

E-ticaret hepimize uyurken para kazandıran iş olarak görünür. Bu doğru, e-ticaret siteleri fiziki mağazalara nazaran 7/24 satıştadır ve muhtemelen siz uyurken sitenize satış gelecektir. Ancak sadece bu kısma odaklanırsanız ilk senesinde kapanan web sitelerinden biri olmanız muhtemel. E-ticaret sitesi hem barınma hem de reklam için belirli giderlere sahiptir. Bu giderleri belirlemek için e-ticaret danışmanınız veya altyapı sağlayıcınız size destek olacaktır.

However, there is an issue that is not within their sphere of intervention, and if you make the wrong choices, you can consume your brand: Suppliers. Determine where and how you will buy your products before opening your website. Clearly calculate the cost of the product coming to you and the cost of cargo and its exit from you.

If you have high-priced products according to the market, your competition will be low, your advertising expenditures will result in low conversions, and the worst part is that your campaign fictions will be on loss. It is vital to supply products with good prices and good conditions for e-commerce.

3. Use Successful Infrastructure

When you want to set up an e-commerce site, it may make sense to work with CMS infrastructures, you may find the offers of infrastructure providers exaggerated at the beginning. Although CMS structures are more affordable, they will make you use more budget in the long run. Moreover, CMS infrastructures are only a risk for a brand that will have 400 or more products.

Ready-made infrastructure providers are much more advantageous for the installation and management of many areas such as accounting, cargo, admin panel, integrated systems, virtual pos. The best part is that they provide technical support assistance. Before choosing your infrastructure provider, be sure to consult your e-commerce expert and ask him to help you choose the right infrastructure.

4. Fulfil Legal Obligations

Many people who want to open an e-commerce site overlook this article. Even if you do not have a physical store, you have to invoice for every sale you make online. This leads to the obligation to open a company. You must have an active company for both cargo and virtual pos installations. Before creating your brand, make your patent applications and become a taxpayer.

5. Invest in Advertising for E-Commerce Success

Advertising expenses are an issue that our business partners who conduct cost research often overlook. We recommend that you calculate your advertising costs even when determining the product price. Opening a website is never enough to make sales. It needs to be supported by strategic advertising on both Google and Facebook.

Do not neglect to optimise your website with the suggestions of your e-commerce consultant and digital marketing manager for your ads to perform well. Your most essential item for a successful sales adventure will be advertising expenditures. Do not forget that with the right budget planning, you can get many times more than the sales you make. We wish you plenty of sales.

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