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Health Tourism: Conversion Strategy with Landing Page

In the field of health tourism, it is very important that patients can easily access the information they need and find a healthcare service they can trust. Google searches and a carefully crafted landing page are critical to success in this sector.

According to our experience in health tourism, people generally prefer Google to search for information rather than social media platforms. This shows us as a Health tourism agency that searchers consciously want more information about a particular healthcare service. This is exactly where the concept of landing page comes into play.

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Importance of Landing Page for Health Tourism

Landing pages are of great importance for many health tourism agencies because they allow potential patients to easily find the information they are looking for and learn more about your service. This can greatly increase conversion rates, especially in areas such as medical tourism, where trust is crucial.

The best thing about traffic from Google searches is that it is generally more affordable than social media. In this way, we can achieve quality conversions even with less budget. We recommend that you prioritise this method in your health tourism digital marketing strategy, especially in this period when advertising costs are rising.

Landing Page (Açılış Sayfası)  ve Hizmet Sayfası Arasındaki Fark

Especially in the digital marketing world of health tourism, websites have become the showcase of brands. Two important elements of this showcase are landing pages and service pages. Although both pages are used to reach and inform potential customers, there are certain differences between them in terms of their purpose and use.

Landing Pages (Landing Page): We can usually directly associate the landing page with a specific marketing campaign or advertisement. The main purpose of these pages is to direct the visitor to a specific action. For example, it can be to purchase a service, fill out a form or create an appointment. Landing pages should be designed to be as free from distractions as possible and to attract the attention of the visitor. An effective landing page should convey a clear message and persuade the visitor.

Service Pages: Service pages can be considered as a larger part of a website. It provides detailed information about the services offered by the brand. These pages tell potential customers what the brand does, how it does it and why it should be preferred. They are usually optimised in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and are a great tool to attract organic traffic from search engines.

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What Do We Include While Preparing Landing Page?

In the landing pages we prepare for health tourism, we use a structure that will attract the attention of visitors and mobilise them. This structure is designed to maximise the user experience and aims to enable visitors to easily get information and make decisions about services. Here are the basic components we include in this structure:

1- Doctor's Introduction (About Me): Every visitor wants to get to know the doctor they want to be treated by. In this area, we emphasise the expertise and experience of the doctors.

2- Social proof: This section is an area we have created to gain the trust of new visitors with the results and feedback of patients who have previously used our services.

  • Reels and Before/After Images: Before and after photos (in foreign advertisements) show potential patients the effects of the services in a tangible way.
  • Lifestyle Visuals: Visuals that emphasise the improvement in patients' quality of life after treatment, highlighting positive outcomes.
  • Yorumlar: Daha önce hizmetlerimizden faydalanan hastaların olumlu geri bildirimleri, yeni ziyaretçilerin güvenini kazanmada önemli bir yere sahiptir.

3- Call to Action (CTA): Strong calls to action that encourage visitors to take action play a critical role in this structure. In each section, we include effective CTAs that direct users to fill out the information form or contact us for more information. For example; for visitors who have the potential to be convinced by before-and-after images, we place whatsapp voice call buttons just below.

  • Forms: We include clear and user-friendly forms so that visitors can easily get in touch.
  • Whatsapp buttons: Here we place buttons for messaging, voice calls or video calls according to the doctors' feedback.

4- City Introduction: In this section, we include information and visuals that will enable patients to get to know the city they will visit more closely.

5- Frequently Asked Questions: Provides quick and clear answers to questions that potential patients have in mind.

As Health tourism advertising agency, we build this structure, which we have prepared for our doctors we serve, on keywords. Thus, we aim to make our landing pages more visible in search engines. By including keywords in our content, we ensure that potential patients can quickly access information about the services they are looking for.

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What Do We Pay Attention To When Preparing Landing Page? 

When designing our landing pages for doctors, we pay attention to a few important points:

Continuous Communication with Doctors: We stay in constant communication with our doctors and their assistants. With their feedback, we select the patient images that provide the most interaction and conversion.

Form Tests: We regularly test whether the forms that allow visitors to leave information are working properly.

Working with Alternative Keywords: Instead of focusing on a single keyword for a service, we prepare alternative landing pages with different keywords. In this way, we expand our target audience.

Mobile Compatibility: We check that all our landing pages work smoothly on mobile devices. We are aware that mobile compatibility is of great importance for user experience.

Page Loading Speed: We pay attention to the fast opening of pages so that users do not leave the site. We know that page loading speed has a direct impact on user experience and conversion rates.

Eye-Free Design: The purpose of the landing page is to attract attention. For this reason, a clear and simple design that is not distracting allows the visitor to focus on our main message without distracting them. By making the forms and buttons we use remarkable, we ensure that visitors are directed to these sections. We make sure that the colours, fonts and spacing we use convey the message of professionalism and reliability of the brand's service.

Clear and Clear Content: We prepare texts that explain what the service offered is, what value it offers and its benefits for the potential customer. As Antalya health tourism agency, we give clear messages to our target audience.

A/B Tests: We compare two different page versions and check which one provides a higher conversion rate.

Regular Updates and Optimisation: By regularly updating and optimising our landing pages, we aim to create an excellent first impression in the health tourism patient finding process and to activate them consciously.

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What is Landing Page Optimisation in Health Tourism? How is it done?

Landing page optimisation is actually built on the basis of all the information mentioned above. So health tourism companies, what should they pay attention to in their landing pages in order to effectively offer their services to potential patients?

In the optimisation process, key elements such as simple design, clear and understandable content, fast page loading times and mobile compatibility come to the fore in order to maximise the user experience. It is critical for health tourism agency that users can easily access the information they are looking for and that the form filling processes are simple and understandable.

In addition, to increase conversion rates, social proof (patient reviews, before and after treatment photos, doctor and healthcare organisation certificates) should be effectively displayed to gain the trust of potential patients. The correct use of targeted keywords helps the content to rank high in search engines. Thus, more potential patients can reach landing pages. All these optimisation efforts are the cornerstones of creating a successful and effective online presence in the health tourism sector.

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