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Şampiyonlar Ligindeyiz: Google Premier Partner Ajansı Olduk!

We have exciting news for you today! As Retina Dijital, we have proven ourselves in the digital world and we have the Google Premier Partner status that Google, the largest search engine, only gives to a few advertising agencies in Turkey! By taking the business partnership process we started as Google Partner one step further, we received the 2023 Google Premiere Partner badge!

With our experience and knowledge we have gained in this process, we continue our efforts to provide better service to our customers with the support of Google. So what is a premiere partner and how to become one? Why should brands work with Premiere partner agencies to take their businesses to the next level? Read on for details!

Google Premier Partner Nedir? 

Google Premiere Partner is the highest level of partnership available to only a small percentage of advertising and digital marketing agencies using Google products. Google Premier Partner, the next level up from Google Partner, is awarded to 3% of Google Partners.

Google Premier Partner badge, is awarded to digital marketing and advertising agencies that achieve high success from Google Ads campaigns and successfully deliver their customers on digital platforms. Agencies that receive the Premiere Partner badge receive more support from Google than other advertising agencies.

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What should be done to become a Google Premier Partner?

Steps to be followed by agencies that want to become a Google Premier Partner; 

Google Ads Certificates Should Be Obtained: Agency employees should prove their expertise in digital marketing by obtaining Google Ads certificates. These certificates consist of many training modules covering different topics on the Google Ads platform.

Sufficient Performance and Number of Campaigns: The agency must have a sufficient number of high performing campaigns on the Google Ads platform. The budget, width and conversion of the campaigns managed by the agency are also evaluated. The advertising agency should have the ability to grow the business of its customers. To measure this ability, the growth of annual ad spend and the ad budgets of existing Google clients are analysed.

Must Meet Google's Requirements: Google sets certain requirements for the Premier Partner title. The agency must meet these requirements. These include factors such as customer satisfaction, advertising budgets, interaction rates and areas of expertise. The agency's ability to retain clients and maintain existing business is analysed. To measure this ability, Google monitors what percentage of active Google Ads spenders the agency retains annually.

Application Required: The agency must apply for Google's Premier Partner programme. The application process is carried out via Google's website. After the application process, Google evaluates whether the agency is suitable.

Product Diversity: The agency's annual spend on Display Network, Youtube, Shopping, Apps and Display & Video 360 outside of search also impacts the process of becoming a Google Premier Partner.

Becoming a Google Premier Partner enables agencies to provide better service to their clients and strengthens the agency's position in the digital marketing industry. However, to achieve this title, a high level of performance and expertise is required.

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What Does It Mean for an Agency to Become a Google Premier Partner?

The Premier Partner title indicates that the agency specialises in Google Ads and provides a high level of customer satisfaction. Through this partnership, the agency has access to Google Ads tools to better serve its clients, learn about current trends and make recommendations to help clients make their campaigns more effective.

In addition, agencies that are Premier Partners can benefit from the trainings and events offered by Google. In this way, agency employees can further improve themselves in digital marketing. In short, the Google Premier Partner badge enables agencies to be a pioneer in the digital marketing industry and supports them to provide better service to their customers.

Which Agencies Are Awarded the Google Premier Partner Badge?

The Google Premier Partner badge is awarded to agencies that demonstrate exceptional expertise in Google Ads products and meet other performance requirements. In order for an advertising or digital marketing agency to receive the Premier Partner badge, it must meet qualifications such as certification, performance, ad spend and customer retention. Google Premier Partners must also maintain performance standards to retain the badge, and agencies' performance is regularly evaluated by Google.

What are the Advantages of Being a Google Premier Partner?

Being a Google Premier Partner has several advantages for agencies:

More visibility and credibility: The Google Premier Partner badge is a recognised symbol of excellence and trust that can help agencies attract new clients and build credibility with existing clients.

Early access to new features: Google Premier Partners often get early access to new Google Ads features and tools, which can give them a competitive advantage and help them achieve better results for their customers.

Specialised support: Google provides Premier Partners with dedicated support, including access to a dedicated account manager and technical support team, as well as training and resources to help agencies improve their skills and knowledge.

Higher quality leads: As a trusted Google partner, agencies can receive higher quality leads from Google, which can help them grow their business and increase revenue.

Industry recognition: Being recognised as a Google Premier Partner can help agencies stand out in a crowded marketplace and gain industry recognition.

Overall, becoming a Google Premier Partner provides significant benefits for agencies, including increased visibility, access to new features and resources, and the opportunity to build credibility and grow their business. 

Why Working with Google Premier Partner is Important for Businesses?

What can you gain from working with a Google Premier Partner? Here's what you get; 

Expertise and knowledge: Google Premier Partners have gained expertise in Google Ads products and have met other performance requirements. This means they have the knowledge and skills to create effective and efficient advertising campaigns that can help businesses reach their target audiences and achieve their marketing goals.

Access to the latest tools and features: Google Premier Partners have access to the latest tools and features of Google Ads, which can give businesses a competitive advantage and help them stay ahead in their industry.

Higher ROI: Working with a Google Premier Partner can help businesses achieve a higher return on investment (ROI) from their advertising campaigns. Premier Partners have a track record of delivering increased client revenue and use their expertise and knowledge to create campaigns that are more likely to achieve a positive ROI.

Trusted business partner: The Premier Partner badge is a recognised symbol of excellence and trust. Businesses can be confident that they are working with a reputable and trusted partner whose expertise and performance is recognised by Google.

Genel anlamda bir Google Premier Partner ile çalışmak, işletmelerin pazarlama hedeflerine daha etkili ve verimli bir şekilde ulaşmalarına yardımcı olurken aynı zamanda yüksek düzeyde hizmet ve destek almalarını sağlar.

To work with the Retina Digital team, which has the Google Premier Partner badge that 3% of agencies in Turkey are entitled to receive, contact us now!

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