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10 Tips to Attract More Potential Customers in Health Tourism with Facebook Ads

Facebook adverts are one of the most ideal platforms to increase the number of potential customers in the healthcare industry. One of the best ways to increase your leads is to direct your ad redirects to landing pages with prominently designed search buttons. Keep reading for more tips. 

Know Your Target Audience 

Potential customers who are already interested in your clinic are highly convertible and work well for your marketing goals. However, there are some audiences that advertisers miss. These are candidates who have already called the clinic but have not scheduled an appointment. You can turn these potential customers into real customers with ad constructions that encourage them to call for the treatment services they are interested in. 

Make Your Ads Radius Targeted  

It is very important to determine the radius for the targets you will appear in your adverts. Be visible to your nearest local customers by targeting the radius of your clinic's location. On the landing page that your customers will reach by clicking, enter your local phone number and information about that region so that they do not feel alienated. 

Be Creative with Interest Targeting 

Differentiate from your competitors by analysing your audience well and trying new target audiences for similar behaviours rather than target audiences that everyone uses only for the services you provide. 

Utilise Facebook's Lookalike Audience Finder 

Interact with potential customers with high conversion rates by taking similar audiences that have already converted with your ads. If you use these audiences correctly and planned, you will notice in your analyses that you reach customers with less cost and higher quantity. 

Offer Customised Offers to Your Audience 

You cannot achieve the success you want only by reaching the right audience. You must follow certain considerations on the road to success. Offering special offers to the audience you reach according to the service will increase your ad clickability. However, you should differentiate your target audience by designing different landing pages for each of your services.

As an example of the special offers you will give; If you are a hair transplant centre, you will attract the attention of your audience with offers such as "Free Hair Analysis", if you are a dermatology clinic, "Free Skin Analysis" and you will mobilise them to fill out a form or make a phone call. 

Tell about your clinic's services with Loop Ads 

You can make users trust your clinic by explaining the services you provide with loop ads rather than single visual creatives. You should show that you are not selling dreams by explaining the services you provide with its pros and cons. 

Design Your Landing Pages Mobile Friendly 

After completing a large part of the work and bringing the right audience to your site, who would want to miss the potential customer? In this period when almost 4 out of every 5 users connect to the sites via mobile platforms, it is very important to design your site in a mobile-friendly way. For this, you should build the user experience with the right strategy from the user entering the site to the stage where the user will convert. 

Make Phone Buttons Accessible 

Put the phone button not only on the landing page where your adverts are directed, but also on all pages that the user can visit after entering the site, making it accessible to you at every step. This will support your customer's trust in you. 

Use UTM Links 

By tracking which of your services these searches and conversions come from, rather than just the total incoming searches, you can determine which services users prefer the most and pay special attention to that service. 

Share Patient Experiences  

You should turn patient experiences, which is one of the most important parts, into an interesting creative by storytelling from beginning to end. You can break the resistance against you in their minds by presenting users who have previously interacted with your clinic and experienced the service they received from start to finish to your potential customers.  

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