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The Most Useful WordPress Artificial Intelligence Plugins

WordPress, one of the most popular platforms for website creation and management, has made significant strides in integrating artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Today, AI technologies provide WordPress users with significant advantages in content creation, SEO optimization, customer engagement, and more. In this article, we will specifically examine how WordPress AI plugins can provide benefits in blogging and article writing.

WordPress plugins are diverse applications that allow users to make their websites more interactive, user-friendly and functional. Especially AI-powered blog and article writing plugins offer significant advantages for content creators, such as time savings and quality improvement. WordPress plugins help users produce impressive and SEO-compliant content, starting with just keywords and basic ideas.

In addition, these tools contribute to better site ranking in search engines by making content more authentic and relevant to the target audience. We'll focus on the innovative features these plugins provide, how they transform the content creation process and how they contribute to the overall performance of websites. Let's take a look at this exciting world of WordPress AI plugins.

Featured WordPress Artificial Intelligence Plugins for Automated Content Creation

1. Automatic

Automatic is an AI-powered content writing plugin that automatically generates blog posts. With the Keyword Changer Tool, it can automatically generate affiliate links for specific keywords and automatically add featured images from royalty-free image sites like Pixabay, Pexels, etc. 

Fee: $49.

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2. ContentBot AI Writer

ContentBot AI Writer, a WordPress plugin that generates content, connects the site to the AI Writer web application. Thus, content can be generated in the WordPress dashboard. Features of the AI assistant that can create a wide variety of content within the Block Editor;

Key Features: 

  • Summarizing long content.
  • Creating talking points, outlines and topic ideas.
  • Change the tone of the text
  • Create a product recommendation

Fee: $19

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3. AI Mojo

Al Mojo can be used to create article sections such as outlines and introductions, as well as full articles and images.

Key Features: 

  • Article drafting and blogging
  • Rewrite or shorten existing content
  • AI Mojo Wizard to create a complete article
  • Use as a visual resource by issuing commands

Fee: The plugin is free. However, an API key from OpenAI or AI21 Studio is required.

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4. AI Engine

The plugin can be used to create content and images, discover headlines and blog ideas, populate WooCommerce product fields and more. OpenAI key required to use it!

Useful tools like OpenAI plugin, text corrector, translator and SEO optimizer.

  • A ChatGPT-style chatbot is added with a shortcode, choosing between full screen, popup and window modes.
  • New titles and content ideas.
  • Quickly create WooCommerce product descriptions.
  • Access to a variety of AI tools such as a proofreader, translator and restaurant reviewer
  • Monitor OpenAI usage with built-in statistics.

Fee: The plugin is available for free with an OpenAI account.

5. Aiomatic Al Content Writer

AIomatic Nulled is a cutting-edge AI content author plugin ideal for automated blogging and automated post publishing or updating. The AIomatic plugin Nulled allows to publish new AI-generated posts or update old posts with new content relevant to the article or post.

Key Features: 

  • Using OpenAI's or AiomaticAPI's GPT-3 engine.
  • Add a list of post titles and a command for AI and create a series of posts that fit the requirements. 
  • Automatically add AI-generated content at the beginning or end of posts published on the website
  • Add shortcodes to posts or pages
  • Always create unique and relevant content.
  • Automatically create post categories or tags from title or content
  • Manually add post categories or tags to items
  • Automatically generate a featured image for the post from royalty-free image sources such as Pixabay, Pexels, MorgueFile or Flickr
  • Enable/disable comments, pingbacks or trackbacks for the created post
  • Customize post title and content
  • Keyword Replacement Tool
  • Random Sentence Generation Tool
  • Detailed plugin activity log

Fee: $59

6. AI Tools

Blog plugins produce professional articles on the desired subject with Al Tools, which stands out with its ability to produce content in different language options.

Key Features

  • Automated content creation. 
  • Content is written in a professional and human-like language. 
  • Pay attention to grammatical errors.  
  • Automatic image creation. 
  • OpenAI's renowned rendering system DALL-E prepares images on the fly based on text descriptions.
  • It works in different languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, French.

Fee: $45.99

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7. 10Web AI Assistant

Key Features:

  • Content can be created.
  • Content can be edited. 
  • Content can be automatically generated directly from Gutenberg or the Classic Editor.
  • Articles, paragraphs, outlines and product descriptions can be prepared.

Fee: The plugin is free.

WordPress Artificial Intelligence Plugins for Live Support

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8. ChatBot for WordPress

A tool for creating conversation forms, retargeting customers and providing live support.

On e-commerce sites, a tool like ChatBot for WordPress helps improve the user experience (UX) of the store. It helps to create chat forms, collect customer information and user feedback, and provide live chat support. 

ChatBot can be used for retargeting campaigns. For example, special offers can be shown to customers who are about to leave the website to increase conversions. 

Key Features: 

  • Dialogflow V2 is a plug-and-play chatbot integrated with Google's Natural Language Processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence.
  • Detect departing visitors and display a targeted offer.
  • A personalized welcome message can be shown with 24/7 live chat.
  • Possibility to integrate the tool with Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, OpenAI ChatGPT and more.

Fee: $29

9. Image SEO

Considered the best SEO plugin for optimizing images, Image SEO is used to automatically optimize the alt text (alt text or alt tag) of images and names with SEO-friendly content. The plugin also creates social media preview cards for your posts using the Open Graph protocol.

Fee: fee for 10 images per month. Premium: €4.99

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