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What should we pay attention to when choosing an e-commerce package!

E-commerce is a sector whose use has become widespread in our country and whose demands have increased during the pandemic period. If you have decided to enter e-commerce, which has achieved great success with its effective use, you will see that there are multiple infrastructure providers and e-commerce packages with different scopes. It is important to determine your needs correctly in order to manage your budget correctly and make successful decisions. Here is the e-commerce package selection guide we have prepared for you.

  • Identify Your Needs
  • Pay Attention to Design Option and SEO Compatibility
  • Evaluate the Product-Stock Management Process
  • Include Shipping Module in the Package
  • Take Care of Backing Up Your Data
  • Determine Which Payment Methods They Support  
  • Question Content Management
  • Request Reporting Feature 

1- Determine Your Needs When Choosing E-Commerce Package

The e-commerce package includes many functions, from server services to opening emails with site names, from consumer analyses to accessing product, category and brand sales reports. Interpret the features of your infrastructure provider by identifying the items that are important to you. After determining what you will and will not use, you should make purchasing decisions.

If you will not have an active instagram account to manage, you do not need to pay extra money for the instagram shop page. If you are a boutique business, you do not need to pay a fee for integration if you are not going to enter the marketplaces or make stock sales. Reduce these expense items according to your needs.

2- Tasarım Opsiyonuna ve SEO Uyumuna Dikkat Edin

E-ticarete girerken her sektör ve markanın ihtiyacı farklıdır. Hazır şablonların markanıza ve satışınıza etkili fayda sağlayacağından endişeli iseniz altyapı sağlayınız ile mutlaka özel tasarım site görüşmesini gerçekleştirin. Reklam ve satış performansı için sitenizin optimum seviyede SEO uyumlu olması gerekir. Paket tercihi yaparken bunlara dikkat etmelisiniz.

3- Evaluate the Product-Stock Management Process in the E-commerce Package

The first value we recommend for product and inventory management is experience. Before purchasing your package, use a version that covers that package as a demo. If you do not have a large product range and you will sell at a basic level, you can reconsider integrated systems.

If you have a large number of products that will be actively sold and you are likely to work with marketplaces, we recommend that you contact your infrastructure provider for integration. It is worth noting that cloud-based integrated systems are more advantageous. Before choosing your package, evaluate the details of the integrated system and product management processes.

4- Include Shipping Module in the Package

You will need a cargo module even for a single product sale. To eliminate unnecessary workload and to work integrated with cargo, make sure that the package you receive has a cargo module and determine which companies it works integrated with.

5- Take Care of Backing Up Your Data

Especially if you are just entering e-commerce, you are likely to accidentally delete the entire site or products. Therefore, you should choose an infrastructure package where your data is automatically backed up. In general, backing up your site prevents digital accidents or saves lives in case of any technical problems. Be sure to investigate backup features.

6- Determine Which Payment Method They Support in the E-Commerce Package

Payment methods are the area that both you and your target audience pay the most attention to. Include payment methods with SSL security and virtual POS support in your package. Having multiple payment methods will strengthen your hand. Include EFT, money order, credit card and cash on delivery systems in your package.

7-Investigate Content Management

Before purchasing an e-commerce package, you should definitely ask about blog management. Blogs are very important to attract traffic, get ranking, reach your target audience and explain your products. Ask if there are block panels for effective blog management. We strongly recommend that you include blog management in your package.

8-Request Reporting Feature

It is very important that you can get some reports from your site to determine what you are doing and how successful you are. Include the report module in your package to track the development of your site, your advertising performances and the interaction of your target audience.

Finally, before purchasing a package from ready-made infrastructure sites, question their return to support requests, the return times of the technical support team, and their availability in emergencies. Choosing the right infrastructures that you will walk with on the road before setting off is one of the most effective ways to grow your brand. Before choosing your e-commerce package, we strongly recommend that you meet with an e-commerce consultant about your industry and your needs. You can contact us for e-commerce package selection and installation.

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