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How Does Social Media Management Start?

"Social Media Management is a control mechanism that destroys borders. " yes you did not hear wrong. It is a mechanism that destroys borders, but in which subject cases are exceptions, let's make a detailed examination on these issues together. 

Social media management is the classic language of brand identity, but unfortunately social media alone is not enough to fill this identity. For example, there is sharing posts as a stage. Sharing stories is also part of it. Including trends in reels videos when necessary is also a stage, and even producing content on each social media platform in accordance with the language of the platform is also a stage.

For example, if you have shared a story on Instagram, if you share content with the same topic on Threads, Twitter, etc. you have completed the verification of your brand identity. If you want your brand identity to be permanent on social media platforms, you should consistently produce content and follow current trends. By maintaining this stability, you will be doing "social media management".

Strategic Pros of Social Media Management? 

A social media strategy plan is the key to sustaining brand identity. So why is this important for a brand/company?

  • Followers Including your followers on social media helps you reach niche audiences and gain permanent followers, especially if you are in the sales/marketing industry. Moreover, this is an option for you to move forward by collecting a perception like the impression left by brands such as "Apple, Samsung, Zara" on the user.
  • Social Media Ads: With social media marketing, you can reach your potential users and create special discounts for them to make them stick around.
  • Reach With social media tools, you can create an online audience and announce your brand to a wide audience. As your interactions increase, your target audience will continue to increase.

6 Strategic Moves of Social Media Management

Determine Social Media Language Suitable for Your Target Audience / Know Your Audience

  • Analyze Your Competitors in the Best Way
  • Identify Your Medium and Create a Content Calendar
  • Involve Your Followers in Your Content
  • Analyze the Performance of Your Content
  • Stay on the Agenda

Determine Social Media Language Suitable for Your Target Audience / Know Your Audience

Many sources can give you advice on social media strategy, but the first and biggest rule is to embrace the brand.

Adopting a brand can be analyzed from different angles. But getting to know the brand and knowing the brand's language, color, products and appeal to the user ensures that the foundation is solid. For example, we took the first step in our journey with our long-standing brand "Tenda Exclusive" by getting to know the brand and starting to produce content according to its audience. 

We are a brand that appeals to a premium target audience selling designer wallpapers and continues to incorporate the collections of world-famous brands every day. For example, in this content, we have made a content work completely specific to the target audience. We included the address to the user, the qualities of the product and the impression it leaves on the user.

markaya uygun sosyal medya yonetimi
Sosyal Medya Yönetimi Nasıl Başlar? 1

Analyze Your Competitors in the Best Way

Remember that you have a lot of competitors and that you are stepping into a digital world where a new competitor can emerge at any moment. Your competitors will be at a point that determines your level. So what does this mean? If you examine your competitors and analyze them well, you can take stronger steps. If you want to be a competitor in the eyes of your competitors, you should always produce your content in the best way.

Rakip analizi konusunda farklı aşamalar izleyebilirsiniz. Sektör > Hizmet > Fiyat > Reklam vb. araçlardan rakiplerinize ulaşabilir ve analiz etmeye başlayabilirsiniz. Markanıza özel rakip araştırması konusunda yardıma ihtiyacınız olursa bize ulaşmanız yeterli.

Identify Your Medium and Create a Content Calendar

After analyzing your competitors, it's time for the kitchen. You are preparing for a kind of exhibition where you can express your brand. The interpretation of your content will change depending on where your exhibition is located. But as a priority, you should determine your main exhibition location. For example, if you want to set Instagram as the main social media platform, you should prepare your content and set a sharing schedule for yourself. Remember that almost all social media networks like order and stability. The algorithms of social platforms are also shaped on this system.

Involve Your Followers in Your Content

When you start sharing your content, you will slowly start to gather an audience. With continuity and content tailored to the right target audience, your page will start to grow. After a while, you can get support from your followers in the concepts of your content to keep the audience you have reached. 

Yes, you did not hear wrong. With surveys, questions and answers, you can answer what your followers are curious about or include their comments in your next content. In this way, you also show your followers that you value them. Such breaking points in social media initiate account-specific integrity.

Analyze the Performance of Your Content

This is where social media planning comes back to us with data. Content analysis is the step a brand will take to determine its next step. In order for the brand to survive and take steps towards the future, you should analyze its performance and plan its content in line with this analysis. 

While shaping your content, you can draw a roadmap for yourself and your brand by analyzing the language, visual color, sharing time and day of your popular content (with high interaction rate) and preparing the content of the next week in this way. 

For example, the Biz on TV concept we prepared for our Tenda Exclusive brand is a concept with a high interaction rate. The reason is that we post on the same day as the broadcast days of the current TV series on TV. Hashtags and tags. (Of course, the ratings of the series, the popularity of the actors and the wallpaper pattern also affect the content).

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Sosyal Medya Yönetimi Nasıl Başlar? 2

Stay on the Agenda

Now we come to one of the most critical points. Staying up to date requires a lot of attention and creativity in social media management. At this stage, which you will move forward with the other 5 items, you should closely follow all social media channels as well as observe local and global hashtags. 

In order to survive, so to speak, on social media, it is important to be up to date and adapt the current trends to the brand. The more innovative and productive you are in the eyes of your followers, after a while they may even start to be inspired by you. For example, our current "Barbie" content that we prepared in our Kozmeko brand.

profesyonel sosyal medya yonetimi
Sosyal Medya Yönetimi Nasıl Başlar? 3

If you want to stay up to date and stay relevant, you need to go after popular content. If you need help with this. As social-digital collars, we are ready to help! To contact us immediately click!

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