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The Importance of Live Support in E-commerce? Why Should We Use It?

e-commerce companies, where people can find the services or products they want to buy at affordable prices, are of great interest to users today. Especially during the pandemic period, people's widespread preference for internet shopping enabled many businesses to join the e-commerce sector during this period.

However, even if companies enter the e-commerce sector, there are important issues that they need to pay attention to and complete in order to be successful. Because with the developing technology, new trends are constantly emerging in the field of e-commerce. One of the most important issues for companies to be successful in the e-commerce sector is live support. In e-commerce based on increasing customer satisfaction, live support also allows you to communicate with your customers easily and quickly.

How Does Live Support Increase E-Commerce Success? 

There are many different live support tools that you can use for e-commerce. Live support tools in e-commerce are extremely important in terms of contacting your customers and meeting their requests. live support tools that allow you to give personalised answers to your customers and make them feel the reliability of your company also contribute to your company to increase your sales and conversion rates.

By using live support tools, which have recently become increasingly popular in the e-commerce sector, you can strengthen your target audience's inclination towards your services and products and thus increase your success. The benefits of using the best live support tools used in e-commerce are as follows;

  • Thanks to live support tools that will allow you to respond quickly to your customers' questions and requests, the satisfaction of your customers who receive answers to their questions quickly will increase. 
  • When there was no live support system, customers were in contact with companies either by telephone or by e-mail. However, when customers want to ask a question while shopping on your site, these two methods are not very useful. Live support tools that provide instant return to customers' requests are both useful and time-saving.

  • Providing a quality live support service by choosing the best live support tools will help you get ahead of competing companies in customer satisfaction and customer support.
  • You can also increase your sales easily because responding quickly to the questions asked by your customers who want to buy your service or products about your products and services will help their purchasing decision. 
  • In addition, live support tools, which give more confidence to customers than site robots used in e-commerce, offer more practical ways to solve customers' problems.
  • Live support, which is one of the best ways to communicate directly with your customers, also makes it easier for you to find your potential customers and acquire permanent customers. 
  • Another advantage of live support tools that improve the shopping experience of customers and ensure that they are satisfied with the company is to reduce your costs.

Live Support Tools in E-Commerce

  • In the e-commerce sector, there are many different live support tools that will allow you to use live support that makes it easier for customers to get support before and after sales. Live support tools that you can use on your e-commerce site are leads;

  • Jivochat: Jivochat live support programme, which is one of the live support tools preferred by many companies for e-commerce sites (which we use the most and are satisfied with), includes two separate versions, pro and basic. The basic version, which you can use for free, does not have pre-chat or post-chat buttons and request information features. In addition to these features that you can find in the pro version of Jivochat, the pro version gives you a more interactive live support experience. Although there is a fee for the Jivochat pro version, this version is more preferred due to its advantages and innovations.

  • OnDestek: Another live support programme you can use on your e-commerce site is OnDestek. OnDestek, which offers three different package alternatives for e-commerce sites: professional, standard and corporate, helps you communicate securely with your customers. You can use the OnDestek corporate package on 10 different websites and choose an unlimited number of departments in addition to an unlimited number of assistants.

  • At the same time in the corporate package; You can also access weekly visitor reports and offline messages. While you can combine the professional package with as many websites as you want, you can benefit from unlimited departments and unlimited assistant features as in the corporate package. In addition to weekly visitor reports, the professional package has the advantage of logo removal, chat tagging and OnDestek expert suggestions. OnDestek standard package can only connect to 1 website. You also have the right to choose 2 departments and 2 assistants in the standard package. 

Things to Consider When Choosing a Live Support Tool for Your E-Commerce Site

When choosing among live support tools, you should first pay attention to what your needs are and which live support tool can meet your needs. You should also consider how suitable the live support tool you choose is for your target audience.

The live support tool you will use on your e-commerce site should provide your customers with a service that will satisfy them as you want. The other issue that you should pay attention to when choosing a live support tool is to evaluate the price alternatives in the best way and make the right decision for your e-commerce site.

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