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Twitter's New Competitor: What is Threads? How to Use It? 

What is Threads, which reached 25 million users in its first 24 hours and became the most downloaded app in the world on its first day? Launched on July 6 by the Meta group, formerly Facebook and now Meta, the Treads app was launched following Twitter's decision to limit its users.

What is the Treads App? How does it work? 

Threads is a social media platform developed by Mark Zuckerberg and his team, who own Instagram and Meta, after Twitter CEO Elon Musk imposed a daily tweet reading limit on users. 

Currently, users use Threads as a sub-app of Instagram, but Mark Zuckerberg has announced that much more development will be made on the app. In order to log in to the application, which has a similar functioning to Twitter, you must first have an Instagram account.

From your account, you can click Settings>> Threads>> Download and access the Threads login screen on the App Store and Play Store. After accessing the login screen, you can log in to the application with your username and password.

It shows that the Threads Meta group, which users have been following with excitement and interest since the first day it was launched, has made a move at a very critical point.

Although the migration from Twitter to Thread continues at full speed, we can see more clearly in the future whether this is a temporary fad or whether the practice will become permanent. 

How is the Thread App Different from Twitter? 

How to Delete Threads Account? 

There is no account deletion option in the Threads application. According to the statement made, when users delete their Threads account, the Instagram account to which the account is linked will also be deleted.

Another option is to freeze the Threads account, but in any case, this confuses users. At this point, you can delete the Threads app from your phone or freeze your Instagram account. 

How did Threads become so popular? 

We can say that the most important reason why the Threads application, which has broken user records since its launch, is so popular is that Meta sends notifications and invitations to users via Instagram.

With Threads, a new generation social media platform with an increasing number of users, you can have private conversations and follow the agenda. 

Is it possible to advertise on Threads? 

The app doesn't yet have the ability to advertise, but Mark Zuckerberg announced that ads will soon be available on Threads. "Our approach will be the same as any of our other products: First we'll get the product working well, then we'll see if we can get it on a clear path to 1 billion people, and only then will we think about monetization."

Meta's Threads application, which works in integration with other social media platforms, can be considered as a new and advantageous area for advertisers. 

Meta's Threads application, which works in integration with other social media platforms, can be considered as a new and advantageous area for advertisers. 

We follow current developments and social media with great interest and look forward to taking your brands to the next level with our experience. Stay tuned for detailed information about the advertising process and management on Threads! 

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