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Yoyo Junior Blog 6 Ayda 46 B’den 608 B Görüntülemeye Nasıl Ulaştı?

Brand: Yoyo Junior 


Agency: Retina Dijital

Success Story Topic: For Yoyo Junior, which had deficiencies in terms of blog strategy, a detailed target audience analysis was carried out, the topics that users were most curious about were compiled and special blog content was prepared for these topics. In addition to the target audience analysis, an effective and detailed content plan was designed with competitor analysis and keyword research.

Project Dates: 01.01.2023 – 01.06.2023 

Project Summary: On 15 December 2022, Google added another metric to its quality scoring guidelines and updated the guidelines abbreviated as Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness (E.A.T) to E.E.A.T. With Experince (Experience), which is among the quality evaluation guidelines, Google has announced that it will also take into account personal experiences in content. At this point, Google's E.E.AT guidelines were taken into consideration when creating a content strategy for improved user experience, better ranking, higher conversion rates and long-term growth. In addition, while preparing content suitable for the target audience and user experience, more focus was placed on the long tail keywords known as long tail keywords, thus increasing the traffic potential of the content by identifying keywords with low competition but higher search potential by users. In addition, long tail keywords strengthened the content strategy as they also appeal to voice searches, which stand out in 2023 content trends. The writing and editing stages of all content were managed by us, and we enriched our content in terms of SEO by making the necessary optimisations in the title, meta description and internal linking areas. With trendy content that parents are curious about and respond to their queries, such as "foot sweating in babies" and "how to overcome the fear of walking in babies", we reached 1st place in Google.

Total Organic Traffic Increase 

Google’ın kalite değerlendirme yönergelerine ve markanın hedef kitlesine uygun hazırlanan içerik stratejisi ile 6 ayda toplam gösterim oranında +%900 ve toplam tıklama oranında +%400’lük bir artış yakaladık.

blogla organik trafik artisi
Yoyo Junior Blog 6 Ayda 46 B’den 608 B Görüntülemeye Nasıl Ulaştı? 3

6-Month Period Traffic Increase on Blog Pages 

Yoyo Junior’ın blog sayfalarında 2023 içerik trendlerine uygun şekilde  yaptığımız içerik çalışması sayesinde blog bölümünde toplam tıklama oranında +%771’lik bir artış sağladık.

- Compared to the previous 6 months, we achieved a growth of +1221 in the total impression rate.

Comparing the 6-month period with the previous 6 months, it was observed that there was a significant growth in terms of views and clicks on blog pages.

2023 Blog Content Prepared According to Content Trends 

Title and Meta Description Optimisations 

After the writing process of the content, attention was paid to the relevant keys we targeted in the title and meta description sections during the uploading stages to the website and to write these fields in accordance with the user search intention. In addition, care was taken to pass the 2023 query in year and season-based content such as "2023 baby names". 

Internal Linking & Anchor Text Optimisations 

Another issue considered in blogs was the internal linking strategy. Thanks to the internal linking fiction and anchor text, on-page traffic was increased, authority transfer between pages was provided and users were helped to reach different topics they were interested in more easily. In this way, users spent more time on the website. In addition, with the internal linking strategy, internal links were provided from the newly entered content to the old content, thus increasing the traffic of the previously entered blogs. Thus, it helped to increase organic traffic even when the content was not updated. 


Yoyo Junior blogda 2023 ocak ayında 64B gösterimden Haziran ayında 652B gösterime ulaşarak +%400’lük bir büyüme sağlandı. Bu 6 aylık süreçte 12B tıklama ve 652B gösterim alındı.

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